Suitable for 3-10 year olds
ISBN 9780-9807893-1-7
56 pages Paperback
Published 2010 by Toy Box Publishing
Written and Illustrated by Margie Tweedie

$16.50 AUD (+shipping & handling)
Anacondas to Zebras - Book review Last week I reviewed a story called “The Adventures of Saxon’. Today I am going to share with you the second book from Toy Box Publishing called – “Anacondas to Zebras – Alphabet Fun.”

Anacondas to Zebras is a fun alphabet book using bright, colourful illustrations and alliteration to help children master the alphabet.

Each page introduces a particular letter of the alphabet using great characters and new and interesting words using that letter.

While the words were a little tricky for my 5 and 3 year old they loved the pictures and we spent lots of time looking at everything and finding all the items in the pictures that started with the letter.

Alliteration is a great way of exploring words that start with a letter and this book creates an enjoyable, fun read.

A great activity for the older child could be for them to get a dictionary and find out what each word means and to retell the story using words they knew.

We really enjoyed reading this book and I am sure your family will too. You can find this book on the website Toy Box Publishing.