Keith Kangaroo Cleans Up Down Under

Keith Kangaroo, a highly respected member of the animal community, formulates a plan to help the environment and the country he loves.

Joined by his furry, scaled and feathered friends, Keith helps to unite all the animals of Australia to  tidy  up their  dwellings  and work together to keep Down Under a clean and safe place to live.

This is a creative and amusing story to inspire children to learn how to care for their environment, to recycle responsibly and to dispose of rubbish in a thoughtful way.  It also teaches children the benefit of working together for their community to make the environment a safer place for all to share.

ISBN: 978-0-9807893-2-4
32 pages Paperback
Published 2011 by Toy Box Publishing
Written and illustrated by Margie Tweedie
Suitable for children aged 4-9

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Senior Anangu (the Indigenous owners of Uluru) met to review the story and Uluru drawings of this children's book.   It was discussed that this book might inspire young people to clean up their own back yards.  It was agreed that because the book is a good tool for the kids to learn from, Anangu elders approve and give it their support.