Anacondas to Zebras

Anacondas to Zebras – Alphabet Fun inspires children to learn language in a fun and creative way as they explore and enjoy each vibrant and whimsical illustration and learn many new and interesting words

Enter the world of delightful and lively characters like Dashing Dan the Dragon, Eleanor the Energetic Elephant and Ollie the Old Octopus and many more.

This book has a lovely flow of alliteration for fun reading and is full of colourful illustrations both children and adults will love.

Suitable for 3-10 year olds
ISBN 9780-9807893-1-7
56 pages Paperback
Published 2010 by Toy Box Publishing
Written and Illustrated by Margie Tweedie 

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This is the D page from Anacondas to Zebras - Alphabet Fun.

Each page teaches children a different letter of the alphabet and is full of alliteration. Some words are easy and others more challenging, so the book will entertain and teach your child for years as their language ability improves.

The brightly coloured letters on the inside cover are in upper and lower case and the younger children can sing or finger their way through the alphabet becoming familiar with each letter.

Anacondas to Zebras - Alphabet Fun inspires children to develop a love of literacy, language and learning engaging their imagination through bright illustrations that will entertain as they begin to recognise letters and put them into language as they progress with their reading.